Geelong Caravan Repairs and Maintenance



At Geelong Trailers and Caravans we have experienced workshop technicians to ensure your caravan repairs are done with care and precision.  Our Geelong Caravan Repair workshop can cater for large and small repairs & maintenance to your caravan or camper trailer.

Our loyal customer booked in for their annual 10,000km service this week and they also requested for us to inspect the seals on the caravan, mainly on the roof as the owners wanted to ensure they could prevent any water leaking into the caravan.   Upon inspection, our technicians noticed wear and deterioration.  The owners quickly decided on the caravan repair for a whole roof re-seal.

This work was carried out in our dedicated caravan repair workshop over a period of a couple of days.  The owners now have the knowledge that their caravan seal maintenance is up to date and will avoid water ingress into the caravan.

Our caravan repair technicians always use good quality products and genuine parts for all repairs and maintenance to your caravan.

Make contact with us today at Geelong Trailers and Caravans for your caravan repairs and maintenance booking.